That Orthodontic or Dental Lab Case Tracking Sheet Is Hurting Business


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Keeping an accurate record of every ongoing deal or case is an essential part of any business. An orthodontic or dental case includes many measures, from preventive care to follow-ups. When attaining a functional yet aesthetic dental occlusion, movement of each millimeter of the teeth is significant. An orthodontic or dental lab tracking sheet is the old, traditional way of recording a patient’s case. As a source of communication between the clinic and the lab, this piece of paper is crucial yet easily miscommunicated or even misplaced. It consists of only the main features, like lab work, date of sending, and expected return date from the lab.

Clinic-to-laboratory communication: Paper-based or web-based?

When a lab makes an appliance, whether it’s commercial or in-house, it is crucial to send all the necessary information. Writing down all the clinical information on a piece of paper, turning it into a dental lab case tracking sheet, and relying on it can be risky. You also need a proper system to track your case, from ensuring it is sent it to the lab to getting it back to the patient. EasyRx is a 100% cloud-based system providing you with multiple features that can enhance your practice in no time. From sending digital prescriptions to tracking and storing your cases, you and your staff can easily view where a case is in production, giving a whole new horizon to your practice.

Patient’s treatment plan: More than just a dental lab case tracking sheet

A tracking sheet can consist of merely the most important points related to the case. You cannot attach the files required for a proper understanding of your patient’s case unless you have easy access to the printer and extra time. Lack of visual interactivity can prove detrimental. With the EasyRx universal lab prescription form, you can quickly fill in all the details of your patient’s case. It also enables you to attach 3D/STL files, making it easier for both the practices and the technicians.

Storing the records of each and every patient’s case

Many offices were built with an extra room solely for the purposes of storing the paperwork of the practice’s cases. Piles of papers consisting of patient information were stored, and most of it was discarded, making space for new ones. It was difficult to retrieve the file of a specific patient readily. Even when the system gets digitized, doctors can have storage problems in their office’s computers, facing the same paperwork dilemma. EasyRx offers a secure cloud-based storage system. You don’t have to download software or require excess storage in your computer system. You can store as much of your data as you want and can easily retrieve it whenever needed.

Security feature for a web-based service

Not only is paperwork at the risk of being stolen and altered, but web-based storage can also be hacked, compromising the authenticity of data. Several desktop applications are available to keep patient data safe in a digital way, but very few offer the cybersecurity needed. EasyRx takes security and HIPAA compliance seriously. Partnered with Black Talon Security, EasyRx ensures its users that its cybersecurity is reviewed by the best. With authentic external and internal security audits, EasyRx confirms that your data is safe from any newly emerging web vulnerabilities. It is also hosted on Amazon Web Services, which is a reliable platform for managing cloud hosting.


A long time period for treatment of a case requires the doctor to use extra cautious with each step of the procedure. You cannot afford to miss or forget any information required for the success of your case. A dental lab tracking sheet seems important but can be misleading during the process. The hassles of filling it out correctly and storing it can put extra pressure on your practice. Moreover, the reliability factor of these sheets is quite low, which can take a significant toll on your business.

Therefore, you need to devise a way for proper records of each case to be kept and retrieved when needed. EasyRx is your best tool in this process. You can easily gather and store information related to each and every case in a cloud-based storage system. You can even trim, base, and label your STL files, preparing them for printing in no time. When all of this is taken care of by the best system offered, you will have time to look after and manage other aspects of your practice.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!