Start Using Software for Automated Orthodontic Case Management

Martin Kemsey

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

New software tools have had a significant impact on orthodontic workflows. Orthodontists can now save more time by using software for orthodontic case management. The use of automated services can also improve service delivery.

Failure to reap the benefits of using the right software solutions can be frustrating due to the competitive edge that other players in the industry might gain over you.

Streamlining your orthodontic workflow can save time, allowing you to see more patients. You will also be able to handle each case more efficiently. Read on to learn five ways that software can play a role in optimizing your orthodontic workflows.

1. It Saves Time

Orthodontic offices can often get stuck managing one case for too long if they do not have the right tools. Implementing a digital workflow can help you organize and efficiently manage cases.

With automation, what may previously have taken ten to fifteen minutes can get done immediately. This time savings will enable you to schedule more cases. You can also manage each patient’s progress virtually, saving your clients time.

Orthodontists can digitally collect, save, and share patient information, thus spending less time dealing with the technical aspect of a case. This translates to more focus on what’s truly important: patient care.

2. You Can Review Workflow Performance

Software tools enable you to identify any gaps in your workflow, which means you can improve the efficiency of your practice.

Reviewing the performance of your workflow will help optimize your staff’s performance. You can identify all the duties that your staff needs to handle, which will make delegation much easier.

The right software tools can help you manage your practice’s workflow remotely. EasyRx offers a cloud-based software solution to facilitate a digital workflow. You can remotely access your practice with any internet-enabled device.

3. It Improves Decision-Making

Software tools can help you manage each case by giving you access to more information about a client’s condition. EasyRx enables you to download and manage any attached patient files, including STL files.

Orthodontists can make adjustments or change their decisions. You can also receive more feedback from your clients virtually, which makes case management easier. It also facilitates monitoring various treatment plans, including patient prescriptions.

Various software tools, such as 3D automated basing, improve the implementation of treatment plans. This way, orthodontists can make more-informed decisions and have the right software tools to implement those decisions.

Better decision-making will improve your practice’s diagnostic ability. Software solutions can facilitate better staff communication and interaction, so patients can be diagnosed more quickly and decisions about their treatment made more efficiently.

4. You Can Handle Increased Demand

As your practice grows, you will have to handle a bigger workload due to increased demand. Software will play an invaluable role in the management of more cases, so you and your staff can see more clients.

EasyRx enables you to create a digital workflow for your lab, making it easier to manage multiple cases simultaneously. You will get the added benefit of a digital prescription workflow, so you can address the needs of your patients virtually.

Optimizing your workflow with software for orthodontic case management improves your practice’s productivity. For example, you will be able to schedule more appointments. The right software tools will enable you to handle each case with more flexibility.

But managing a case won’t happen immediately, and patients often require ongoing treatment plans. Using the right software solutions can help you efficiently manage long-term cases of patients with increased demand.

5. It Leads to Better Workload Management for Staff

Your staff can work more efficiently with improved data organization in case management. EasyRx’s tools can facilitate better integration between different aspects of your practice, from the lab technicians to the staff handling marketing.

This way, employees can perform better based on the needs of the practice. Better case management will create more time for your staff to handle other aspects of their workload more precisely.

Software solutions can facilitate the continuous improvement of your team’s performance. You do not have to supervise your staff daily with EasyRx, as the software enables you to evaluate their performance remotely.

Make Case Management Easier with EasyRx

Getting software solutions and services for your practice can result in higher productivity. But finding the right software for orthodontic case management is not easy. You need to choose a platform that is simple to use but still addresses all your challenges.

EasyRx is a cloud-based lab management software that can help you manage production workflows and your practice’s activities. You can also achieve better patient outcomes with the digital management of prescriptions. EasyRx guarantees compliance and enables your clients to track their cases virtually.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!