New Role of Tech in Orthodontic Lab Case Management

Martin Kemsey

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Technology has changed many aspects of the orthodontic field. But many practices still need to take advantage of the role of tech in orthodontic lab case management to boost productivity.

Using technology can streamline various aspects of your lab case management workflow, and you and your staff will have more time to attend to patient needs. But knowing which tech features are best can be challenging. That’s where EasyRx comes in. It offers numerous tech-based features to help improve how your practice and lab operate. EasyRx’s case management software digitizes various aspects of your practice, such as the connection between in-house labs.

Digitization helps orthodontic practices become more efficient in a cost-effective and timely manner. Here are four tech-based components that can help improve your orthodontic lab case management.

1. In-House Lab Management Software

Another role of tech in orthodontic lab case management is closing the gap between practices and their in-house labs. That’s why EasyRx offers the only in-house lab management software.

Using EasyRx to manage your in-house lab enables you to:

  • Submit prescriptions and digital files to your in-house lab
  • Digitally receive Rxs with supporting digital files, including STL

EasyRx also integrates the in-house lab management software with other applications. You won’t need to juggle multiple platforms to gain access to your in-house or external labs.

2. EasyRx 3D

EasyRx helps orthodontists better manage their cases by providing them with EasyRx 3D. The platform enables you to view, trim, and base 3D/STL files. You can also customize STL files before printing, to meet the needs of your patients or practice. You can label 3D models with dates, patient names, or Rx numbers. The editing process is streamlined through the use of technology.

Orthodontists can use AI tech to fast-track the editing of print-ready 3D files. This feature enables your practice to save time and become more productive. EasyRx also has an automatic basing feature that labels, trims, and bases print-ready 3D files.

EasyRx 3D integrates with various printer solutions to streamline the printing process. The platform is also integrated with EasyRx Lab and Practice software to optimize lab case management efficiency.

3. Aligner Tracking

The EasyRx Aligner Tracking System enables you to digitally track all aligner cases. You can see their statuses at different workflow stages. The information that you obtain from the aligner tracking system is helpful in streamlining how you and your lab techs communicate.

You can also relay the statuses of aligners to patients, which helps eliminate wait times and allows for greater patient involvement and engagement. Moreover, you own all data handled or facilitated by EasyRx, which you can use to identify and fix gaps in aligner or lab case management.

4. Universal Prescription Form

Digitize all patient prescriptions using EasyRx’s Universal Prescription Form. You can attach various file types to digital patient prescriptions, such as:

  • Word documents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • STL, PDF, JPG, or BMP files

The universal lab prescription form supports writing any specialty or dental prescriptions. EasyRx enables you to monitor the progress of patient lab prescriptions digitally, which improves how you communicate with your labs, facilitating greater lab case management.

You can share more information and communicate with patients about their prescriptions with more certainty. The feature enables you to experience greater patient satisfaction because your clients will understand how long their prescriptions will take.

Adopt Tech in Orthodontic Lab Case Management Today

Adopting modern digital solutions is the best way to understand the role of tech in orthodontic lab case management. EasyRx offers a variety of tech-based features to digitize your workflow completely. The features improve orthodontic lab case management and streamline internal processes handled by your lab or office.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!