Try These Modern Orthodontic and Dental Organization Growth Ideas


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Orthodontic and dental practices can flourish if it’s being run by a well-organized system involving both the clinical and laboratory sides. Modern practices rely on more than just your clinical knowledge. It requires you to work smarter, not harder, in order to facilitate a large number of cases. Patients are more educated now, and it is important to fulfill their treatment-related demands in a professional yet efficient way. Below we will discuss orthodontic and dental organization ideas to try at your practice.

Continuous contact with your lab

Cases can take a long time and require multiple visits by the patients. Any delay from your lab in delivering the appliance at the patient’s appointment can cause frustration for both the patient and the doctor. You need to develop ideas to be in direct and efficient contact with your lab. EasyRx is a cloud-based software that acts as a reliable and secure link between your practice and the lab. With the universal lab prescription form provided by this software, you can submit all lab cases through a single platform. You can manage and track your digital prescriptions in no time. It also provides you with the option to track your clear aligner cases with the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System.

Record-keeping, digital vs manual

With the advancement in technology, everything is moving to digital. It’s tiresome to write notes and keep records of each patient’s treatment plan on paper. You also need a proper record-keeping method for intercommunication between the practice and the lab throughout the entire treatment plan. A digital lab prescription form increases accuracy on appliances by reducing common errors seen on confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand-drawn prescription sketches. EasyRx stores a patient’s complete prescription history, including all supporting digital files, easy to access at any time. Since patient prescription history is stored, you can easily submit a remake of a case with one click.

Effective ways for information exchange between the orthodontic and dental practice and lab

Relying on just physical impressions and models for cases is no longer common. A more organized yet reliable system is needed. EasyRx highlights the traditional methods of sending models as well as digital file sending option. You can attach digital files to cases and integrate your intra-oral scanner to attach scans to cases.

You can send your patient’s data to your commercial lab or in-house lab. EasyRx allows labs to receive cases from practices at no charge, allowing you to send to any lab you may use. With an in-house lab, you get the advantage of being in close contact with the lab technicians, and it is much easier to check on your customized work at any time. EasyRx offers the only in-house lab management software that allows you to submit and manage cases sent to your in-house lab.

Accurate information for labs

When designing an appliance, precise and accurate information is needed. It’s the responsibility of the practice to provide all the necessary information to the lab to avoid any mishaps. Moreover, lab technicians can understand digital prescriptions more efficiently than manually written notes. The information provided to them through intra-oral scanners like iTero and TRIOS can be more useful than other, traditional methods. EasyRx integrates with industry software and intra-oral scanners, saving you precious time. The labs can quickly match physical impressions and models with patients’ digital prescriptions using their unique ID numbers. Labs can communicate with the practice easily and update the case to allow the practice to see where it is in production, reducing unneeded communication between the practice and lab.


Modern orthodontics and dental practices revolve around a unique digital approach. Practices sending written notes to the lab about a patient’s appliance is becoming less and less common. Similarly, the technicians were supposed to visit the practice and discuss the case with both the patient and doctor. Due to the easy-to-use interface of EasyRx, an orthodontist can track all their patients’ lab work with just a click. With the inbuilt intra-oral scanner integration provided in this software, not only is time more effectively managed but the efficiency of the treatment plan is also increased.

Labs can enjoy many of the benefits offered by EasyRx, from prescription handling to visualization of the case. With proper sets of instructions provided by the orthodontist, the margin of error in designing the appliance is reduced. This all leads to gaining your patients’ trust while generating revenue for your practice in an efficient way.

Better communication ideas between practices and labs are required to ensure that the patients are facilitated properly while orthodontists and dental labs are working hassle-free. To serve this purpose, EasyRx is the right link between the orthodontist and the dental lab.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!