Optimizing Orthodontic Lab Case Management Communication

Martin Kemsey

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Optimizing orthodontic lab case management communication can be challenging without the right tools. Partnering with a digital software provider can help you modernize your workflow. EasyRx has many software solutions to help enhance the functionality of orthodontic labs.

A cloud-based management software provides real-time visibility over your entire workflow. EasyRx helps you get a better sense of control and awareness in orthodontic lab case management.

You no longer need to guess how long patient lab prescriptions, aligners, and other tasks handled by your lab will take. EasyRx enables you to communicate with in-house and outside labs, which enhances collaboration and improves efficiency. Here are a few ways that EasyRx optimizes lab case management communication.

1. Connect with Your Labs

EasyRx facilitates a seamless connection between your practice and labs. The digital tools will help you communicate with your lab securely at all times, and you can access prescriptions and other digital documents through the platform.

Becoming an EasyRx Lab enables you to communicate and collaborate with other practices. EasyRx also integrates your lab with other aspects of your practice through digitization. Your labs can submit cases through the platform to optimize your practice’s workflow.

EasyRx provides you with greater awareness of everything going on in your labs, making it easier to monitor lab cases and optimize efficiency based on the progress of each process. Enhanced communication capability enables you to interact with your staff more effectively, so it’s easier to engage in problem-solving and hasten decision-making when necessary.

Connecting with your lab enables you to manage all workflows related to your labs. You can conduct internal audits of lab case management more effectively, thus reducing errors that may arise due to miscommunication.

Digitally connecting your labs can help you check on cases, their shipping status, and tracking information. Your lab techs can also submit cases through the EasyRx platform.

2. Digitally Monitor Lab Prescriptions

Transform your paper-based prescriptions to a digital format with EasyRx. The platform enables you to create customized prescription templates, so you can save time and effort in creating manual prescriptions. The universal lab enables you to digitize all types of prescriptions, including:

  • Orthodontic prescriptions
  • Specialty prescriptions
  • Pediatric prescriptions

Patient lab prescriptions in a digital format are easier to track and monitor, giving you greater awareness of your prescription workflow. You can also communicate with your staff to sort out any issues that may negatively affect the workflow.

Greater awareness of the patient lab prescription workflow enhances communication between you and your patients. You can effectively involve patients in the workflow by sharing information about their prescriptions. It is also easier to organize patient schedules and appointments based on the progress of different prescriptions.

Digitizing patient lab prescriptions makes it easier to give feedback to your lab. EasyRx’s data encryption feature ensures that all patient data is safe, so you can meet all HIPAA requirements and enhance the trust between you and your patients.

3. Use a Lab Case Management Software

Optimizing orthodontic lab case management communication is easier with lab management software. EasyRx’s VisualDLP enables you to manage every aspect of your lab, from case entry to invoicing.

Lab management software can help you integrate all your lab’s cases and workflows, granting you real-time visibility into cases as they move through the lab. VisualDLP can help you enter orders and manage schedules, accounts, invoices, and bills. Lab management software also enables you to receive information from outside and in-house labs through the EasyRx Lab. Previously, it wasn’t easy to communicate effectively with labs working on a paper-based format. VisualDLP can help you overcome communication barriers in manually run labs.

4. Streamline Your Lab’s Aligner Workflow

EasyRx Aligner Tracking System enables you to see all your aligner cases as they move through your lab. It also provides you with data analytics and statistics to better understand your aligner cases.

The tracking system can help set up and streamline aligner workflows, allowing for greater coordination in handling aligner cases. The result of improved communication in handling aligner cases is higher client satisfaction. Your practice also becomes more productive, making it easier to serve a larger client base.

EasyRx also offers a simple and efficient way to view, edit, and base STL files. EasyRx 3D comes with automatic editing tools to help you prepare 3D files. The tools are user controlled to improve collaboration and communication.

Optimize Lab Case Management Today

Optimizing orthodontic lab case management communication is essential to improving efficiency. EasyRx offers a variety of software solutions tailored to help orthodontists run their labs. It connects you with your labs digitally, mitigating any risk of miscommunication that often arises due to the gaps between practices and labs.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!