Clean Up Your Workflow with These Efficiency Tips


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A typical orthodontic or dental office can be messy, especially if it’s not efficiently organized. Several factors may affect the level of organization within an orthodontic office, such as regulatory compliance, environmental issues, economic factors, and the use of technology. Note that operating a dental office without functional systems can cause an increase in staff stress levels and hamper operational efficiency.

If you spend almost the same amount of time in your operatory as you do in your home, you should invest in ways to keep the office tidy and organized for effective workflow. Let’s look at six organization ideas to help your practice be more efficient.

1. Automate appointment confirmation and reminders

Do your patients have to call or email your team before they can book an appointment? If your team members must schedule appointments manually, they are wasting useful time. A smarter way to handle this is by digitizing the appointment booking process. Such a system makes it possible to select the type of appointment that a patient needs in addition to their choice of orthodontist. It’s also designed to integrate into the dental practice management software directly and automatically update new appointments on your calendar.

2. Have a contactless patient check-in process

Having your patient check-in process automated and contactless is easier for everyone. Instead of having patients fill out forms while in the waiting area, they can opt to submit all necessary data online before they even come to the office. Their information is entered directly into the management system, making it easier for staff to update and track.

Whether your patients book their appointments over the phone or online, they can easily deal with their paperwork before arriving at the dental office. Doing this helps them sort out any issues and can even reduce errors with their billing information.

3. Go paperless

Tracking how many sheets of paper that an orthodontic/dental office uses each year for forms, lab slips, and appliance drawings can be challenging. Also, thousands of papers are involved in this process. Environmentally speaking, this isn’t exactly the friendliest scenario, especially since most of the paper is not made from sustainable resources or cannot be recycled, increasing carbon dioxide emissions. As your consumers increasingly become more conscious of their environmental impact, consider an effective and simple digital prescription workflow. You should be concerned about your patient’s impression when printing a prescription form. Efficiency, simplicity, and environmental friendliness are essential when organizing your dental or orthodontic office.

4. Leverage automated billing

One smart way to organize your orthodontic/dental office for better efficiency is by adopting and deploying automated billing. With this, your team will have more time to focus on other things while boosting your access to more payment options. Electronic billing options enable your office to access money securely and quickly. Ideally, you should take the time to check out the available options with the software service provider to ensure that it addresses your primary needs. Automation also reduces the need for staff members who would ordinarily be in charge of billing.

5. Have digital employee scheduling systems

When operating a viable orthodontic/dental office, you need to pay close attention to employee scheduling and management. If your office still uses a paper calendar for scheduling, consider investing in an electronic scheduling system. With such a system, you can track changes while optimizing the input and performance of each employee within the organization. An efficient electronic scheduling system also enables you to schedule employees into defined working hours for easier payment. You can track employee payroll, deductions, and even taxes. Employees who feel that they are in charge of their time are usually more productive.

6. Use electronic medical records and productivity tools

Electronic medical records are a remarkable way of storing patient information. They can assist you in tracking patient insurance information, care history, and other relevant details. With this data, you can make necessary changes and improvements to the efficiency of your office.

Benefits of having a well-organized orthodontic office

Using the right ideas and tools in your orthodontic practice can revolutionize your practice while optimizing your efforts. Here are a few benefits of implementing these dental office organization ideas.

1. Saves time with less wait time

A functional and efficient orthodontic space helps you optimize time and reduce waste. When things are set up properly, the office automatically saves time that would otherwise be used to search for sterilization tools and appointments.

2. Eliminates the possibility of rude interactions

Contactless patient bookings and check-ins reduce the chances of patients facing tired front-desk staff. With an efficient booking system, the patient will book an ideal time for their session and come in at that time, with minimal interactions.

3. Improves communication

A well-organized orthodontic office is characterized by efficient communication, mainly because of the software and tools used. Patients should feel able to communicate their fears, displeasures, and expectations.

4. Promotes customer satisfaction

Nothing brings patients back like customer satisfaction. When they don’t have to wait for long before being attended to, they are more likely to have a favorable disposition to the dental office.


Orthodontic office organization has several benefits and greatly impacts the dental team in the office. A system that is maintained and understood will save you effort and time, especially during the day. For instance, tray systems and color-coded tubs enable dental assistants to customize the trays and tubs for certain dental procedures. Having one tub to quickly retrieve and carry into an operation helps increase efficiency. Also, such a dental office organization ideas strategy reduces the possibility of supplies running out and you needing to exit the room during a procedure.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!