Boost Efficiency in Your Orthodontic or Dental Organization Now


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Try these orthodontic and dental organization ideas to improve efficiency in your practice, and witness the difference right away! 

Whether you’re an orthodontist or dentist running a practice, you likely deal with a never-ending issue: lack of organization. 

The good news is that it can be managed with a few slight tweaks here and there, boosting your practice’s efficiency over time! 

The success of any orthodontic or dental organization depends on a plethora of different factors. However, the essential element to be considered here is the relationship between orthodontists or dentists and their laboratories, so the communication between the two is the solid base for optimal results. When done right, it creates a stress-free environment that can impact the overall quality of the work and boost efficiency. 

This article highlights strategies and techniques that doctors can use to improve practice efficiency in the organization. 

Orthodontic and Dental Organization Ideas 

Orthodontic and dental practices will thrive with an efficient management system in place, including workflow management. 

As an orthodontist or dentist, you can incorporate several techniques into your workflow to boost communication and the efficiency of your organization. 

Here are a few tips that have been scientifically proven to increase practice efficiency and productivity, so you can make the most out of your working hours: 

  • Digital workflow is the future of dentistry and orthodontics. Investing in it can decrease wasted time, cost, human error, and effort in the long run. Look for applications and software that you can use to manage workflow, be organized, and be more efficient. 
  • Intraoral scanners are effective, comfortable, and time-saving. Apart from minimizing patient stress and discomfort, intraoral scanners can save space and time spent sending models to the lab. 
  • Digital models are now slowly replacing traditional ones. Technologies like digital laboratory lasers can help create 3D virtual models in restorative dentistry. 
  • Viewing, editing, and adding bases and labels to models are available for better management using digital software. 
  • Tracking all your cases in one digital dashboard is another way to boost efficiency. A digital dashboard can easily track where a case is in production from the lab, who submitted the case or took the patient’s scan, and more.  
  • Leverage technology to manage non-clinical tasks in your practice. Look for cloud-based applications for organized planning, appointment scheduling, lab case management, and secured file storage. Similarly, investing in automated editing solutions can save time, making you and your staff more efficient at work. 

General Tips to Boost Orthodontic and Dental Practice Efficiency 

Other guidelines that could help improve the overall performance of the dental organization include: 

  • Professional communication with patients and their positive reviews about your organization are good investments for your practice in the long run. 
  • Get an appointment scheduling system in place. Ensure that your patients are attended to at the scheduled time, as prolonged waiting can impact their behavior during the appointment. 
  • Administrative staff and allied personnel roles are crucial to achieving the organization’s goals. Get necessary allied personnel on board to manage workload. Studies have shown that using ancillary personnel in practice increases practice efficiency, empowering the practices to treat more patients. 
  • Establish an experienced team to follow up with patients after procedures, especially if the patient has a chronic disease or anxiety related to treatments. 
  • Keep organizational protocols and SOPs for each procedure for optimized performance. It helps the staff stay organized, removes confusion, streamlines workflow, and consequently, increases practice efficiency. 
  • Team management is another way to boost efficiency in a dental or orthodontic care organization. Ensure that each team member can perform their designated role, consider shift swapping to prevent burnout, and let your team recharge to be more productive during work hours. 


Managing an orthodontic and dental organization can be overwhelming. From appointment scheduling, case management, and patient care to inventory management and team management, there’s a host of different things that can lower productivity and efficiency. 

Leveraging technology and investing in a digital workflow for your orthodontic or dental organization can help you better manage your practice and be more efficient, thus providing superior levels of patient care. 

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency. 

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!