Orthodontic and Dental Office Organization Ideas for Impressions


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Did you know that about 25% of men and 10% of women have obstructive apnea? Many also deal with dental health problems like spacing and incorrect bites, requiring orthodontic or dental appliances. As more people strive to solve their oral health issues, the demand for related services also rises. It may be tough to streamline work in a dental or orthodontic practice. You may also find it hard to compete with other offices and ensure that you can serve your patients on time. Using effective methods to organize your impressions is one way to serve clients better and save time. It will also simplify locating appliances and issuing them to clients. Here are a few dental office organization ideas for impressions that you can use in your practice.

1. Use Labeled Containers

If you use traditional impressions involving putties, consider labeling the storage containers. This measure will simplify the search process and help you identify the appliances due for collection.

Before labeling the containers, meet with your team to create an organization system. This can include various colors and container sizes or shapes. You can also use numbers and letters based on the number of patients.

As you develop a labeling system, classify your impressions into several groups. You may base the categories on factors like:

  • The type of appliance that you want to make with the impression
  • The lab that will handle the impression
  • The collection dates

Developing an efficient labeling system will help you avoid confusion. If you are sending cases to a commercial lab, you can ensure the impression is sent in time to be back to the practice for the patient’s next appointment. Or your in-house lab employees can quickly identify the prints that they should work on based on the date that the patient will collect them. Furthermore, the team can easily plan their work to ensure that they meet demands.

While using separate containers or labels for impressions can boost organization, it may be time-consuming. Store the used models in different rooms or cabinets to ease sorting. This way, you can meet compliance policies while ensuring that your office is tidy.

2. Leverage Technology

Organizing dental and orthodontic appliances involves paperwork. For example, you must record the patient’s name, the appliance that they need, and their diagnosis. Since handling this work can take a while, consider using digital solutions to simplify it.

Get software to capture patients’ information and store it on electronic health records. Replace traditional methods of making impressions with digital ones. These can include using imaging software to capture a patient’s mouth or teeth. Afterward, you can store the files and send them to the lab. Alternatively, integrate your practice management software with a case workflow solution to automatically pull patient information into the prescription. Employees can then make send cases to the lab with all required information.

Embracing technology will ease managing dental and orthodontic appliances in many ways. First, you avoid hard-copy health records that may cause mix-ups and affect client satisfaction. Second, you simplify work for your lab and save space that you would have used for storage. Certain solutions will also help you match physical impressions to prescriptions using unique numbers. Finally, you can use the tools to send digital scans to any lab.

3. Manage Impression Cases

Tracking impression cases can be tricky if you aren’t organized. You may also find it challenging to determine the progress of appliance making.

Develop a proper system to ensure that you know each appliance’s stage. Get digital solutions to track impression cases using a unique identification code. You can write the unique Prescription ID number on the box or baggie your model is contained in, eliminating the need to write or print sensitive patient data. Your lab can easily match this number in EasyRx to match the impression to the correct case with all the necessary info.

When looking for suitable software, opt for a tool that enables you to

4. Streamline Work with Your Lab

Creating dental appliances requires proper organization within several departments, including the lab. While this aspect is vital, it may be challenging to ensure excellent collaboration, even with an in-house lab.

Streamline communication with all your labs by partnering with EasyRx. This company helps you manage digital workflows in several ways. For example, you can use the software to view when the case is received by the lab, ensuring no impressions are lost in transit. You can design all of your lab cases with one lab prescription form, reducing common errors on written prescriptions.

Another way to streamline work with your lab using this solution is by integrating other tools, such as intraoral scanners, practice management software, and 3D printing machines. Connecting such solutions will simplify sharing information and needed files when handling impressions or appliances.

Utilize These Dental Office Organization Ideas for Impressions

Applying these dental office organization ideas for impressions will ease your workload. It will also ensure compliance and enable you to achieve higher patient satisfaction.

EasyRx has the ultimate tools to simplify managing impressions and appliances. With this software, you can reduce errors, secure data, and streamline digital workflows.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

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