No Need for an Orthodontic or Dental Lab Case Tracking Template


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The success of any medical practice is measured at least in part by profitability. Profitability requires constant vigilance to key business metrics such as productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, a significant part of the workflow process in providing advanced oral care is not directly under your control. It requires collaboration with a busy orthodontic or dental lab. Using outdated processes like orthodontic or dental lab case tracking templates can cause frustration within your practice.

Getting patient information to the lab and the products returned in a timely fashion, with the right items matched to the right patients, is a big task that does not always go smoothly. As a result, you must track the cases emerging from your office carefully so you can make sure you have what you need in time for the patient’s next visit. If you have a poorly fitting appliance, one not made to specifications, it means lost revenue. Then, you have to either cancel or reschedule the patient visit.

Tracking all those handoffs is a challenge; case management software from EasyRx can make things easier. EasyRx provides a system for tracking all your cases in the practice through every step of the process. You’ll no longer need an orthodontic or dental lab case tracking template to know where the items you ordered have landed. The future of dental workflow is digital.

Here are a few of the principal features of the EasyRx that can deliver significant efficiencies to your practice, freeing you and your staff up to do more of what you enjoy: taking care of patients.

Trackable Communications

The prescription itself is a source of confusion and frustration in the interplay between orthodontic and dental practices and labs. Doctors are pressed for time and in an attempt to be helpful, may sketch out and send a drawing of what they are envisioning. The idea is to illustrate the prescriber’s intent.

However, those drawings and subsequent instructions are often hurried and muddled. They can lead to untimely delays, the need for repeat communications, and sometimes, unproductive patient visits. This all stems from mistakes in the production of the appliances and requires a back and forth between lab and doctor to clarify. Time is money for doctors and labs.

The EasyRx universal lab prescription form help reduces common errors from confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand-drawn prescription sketches by digitizing the process. The software platform offers doctors a way to clearly illustrate their intent and clarify their instructions, eliminating the need for an orthodontic or dental lab case tracking template.

Single System for Prescription Management

In creating orders for labs, doctors will typically use data from different systems, such as practice management software, digital design services, and intraoral scanners, among others. The output of those systems may be in various forms: a PDF, an email, a digital scan, or an item delivered by a third-party file-sharing service.

EasyRx is built on an open systems architecture, with an API platform that can integrate and connect third-party software. The platform has one application to manage all patient prescriptions and digital files, including 3D models/STL files. You no longer have to rely on compiling the different aspects involved in a complex prescription.

Bringing all of the elements of your digital workflow into one system saves you time and eliminates the need for an orthodontic or dental lab case tracking template.

Streamlined Front-Office Processes

EasyRx has many other features that will help reduce the need for an orthodontic and dental lab case tracking template. In digitizing the workflow, EasyRx reduces redundant forms, another source of inefficiencies and frustration, as these take up time for you, your staff, and your patients.

Finally, the system offers secure file storage in the cloud. You no longer need to worry about whether your data has been properly backed up because it happens automatically as part of your subscription.

The cloud-based system provides you with peace of mind in terms of data security. Patient information is protected to the highest standards and complies with all data privacy, ADA, and HIPAA regulations.

Utilizing these tools, you will quickly find that there is no need for an orthodontic or dental lab case tracking template.

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EasyRx provides orthodontic and dental practices with universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D editing software.

The company is committed to providing products that ensure that prescription outputs are delivered on schedule and accurately, avoiding costly mistakes that eat away at profitability.

The system also offers easy integrations into other systems, including partnerships with a wide variety of orthodontic and dental workflow software applications. You can truly move toward a single system in patient care and case management.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

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