Benefits of Cloud Orthodontic Software for Every Role in the Office


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Did you know that most employees use about thirty-six cloud-based services daily? The popularity of these solutions is growing due to their ability to boost efficiency and simplify work.

You may face a few issues if you use on-premise software in your orthodontic practice. For example, you may have limited access to patient cases and find it tricky to keep up with other practices, despite the rising demand for orthodontic care.

Embracing cloud orthodontic software is the ultimate way to simplify workflows. Its tools can support growth and ensure that you offer reliable services. Here, we go over their benefits and explain why you should adopt such a solution.

Enhanced Collaboration from Cloud Orthodontic Software

Orthodontic practices need inter-professional collaboration. For example, lab employees must work closely with orthodontists when handling patient cases. Cloud-based solutions can support collaboration in various ways. First, they can improve real-time data access for all users. This aspect enables multiple employees to work on the same patient case simultaneously.

Second, cloud-based orthodontic tools can support collaboration by enabling file sharing. With such software, practices can share 3D models with labs online. This way, both parties avoid the time-consuming process of handling physical models.

Cloud-based solutions also support communication between labs and practices. For example, certain solutions enable employees to attach comments to STL files. They can also provide feedback by quoting specific model numbers.

Streamlining communication with a cloud-based solution makes it easier to manage an in-house lab. It also enables you to facilitate teamwork in different orthodontic practice locations.

Running several practices can be challenging if you don’t use the right tools. When relying on on-premise solutions, your employees may need to call each other or share emails frequently. They may also find it difficult to track cases and ensure that they deliver appliances at the agreed times.

Streamlined 3D Workflow

Cloud-based solutions enable you to streamline workflow in many ways. With their tools, you can automate repetitive tasks, including:

  • Editing STL files
  • Creating trimming lines for machines
  • Removing brackets from 3D models
  • Basing STL files

Automating such steps enables your employees to save time. They can also prevent burnout by avoiding tiring processes.

Tracking patient cases can be frustrating without the right system. If you don’t label 3D models correctly, you can mix them up and print the wrong appliance. This issue will then lead to returns and low patient satisfaction.

Cloud orthodontic tools streamline work by tracking cases. These solutions enable you to assign a unique number to 3D models. You can then use the code to assess the progress of each aligner case. It’s also easy to identify appliances due for collection and plan work.

Reliable Data Access

A benefit of cloud orthodontic solutions is reliable data access. When using such software in your practice, you can log into accounts from any device or location. This measure makes it easy to take work home. You can also work from multiple locations and serve several practices at once.

Improved access to orthodontic data enables you to offer timely services. It also helps you easily review patients’ medical history, such as their allergies and previous treatment.

Enhancing data access with cloud-based software lowers the risk of error, improves decision-making, and enables your teams to be more productive.

Reduced Costs

Using cloud-based solutions in an orthodontic practice is relatively cheap. Unlike on-premise software, these options don’t need local servers. Instead, they use remote ones that back up data and enable you to access it via the internet.

Leveraging cloud-based software can help you avoid the costs of on-premise servers and long-term IT maintenance services.

Another way that these solutions can reduce costs is by providing reliable support. Companies that host cloud-based software regularly review their systems for bugs and fix them. These measures can help your orthodontic practice avoid costly downtimes.

Implementing cloud software avoids the cost of data backup for your office. Since the systems automatically upload files to the cloud, you don’t need to assign time for the process. Likewise, you can avoid buying external media storage to secure files that are no longer in use.

Better Compliance

Cloud orthodontic software can boost compliance in several ways. This type of solution comes with advanced security protocols that limit data access, protecting your patients’ records in the cloud. Certain systems also enable you to track file usage and identify any parties that accessed the systems.

Other ways that this software can boost compliance are:

  • Conducting regular security checks
  • Using secure integrated solutions
  • Offering a secure physical server location
  • Using HIPAA-compliant programs

The automated services offered by cloud-based software can boost orthodontic practice compliance. These features can prevent data-entry mistakes and improve patients’ file accuracy. They also ensure that you are printing appliances that are safe and effective for patients.

Leverage the Benefits of Cloud Orthodontic Software with EasyRx

Cloud orthodontic software can streamline work and support your employees. You can communicate better within your practice and with your labs, improving prescription workflow.

EasyRx offers cloud orthodontic software to help you manage your practice or lab. With this solution, you can coordinate work in all departments and track prescriptions.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!