4 Ways Case Management Systems Make Staff’s Lives Easier


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Running an orthodontic or dental practice may be challenging and time consuming. Your office must have the proper systems to boost efficiency. You must also streamline work to support your team and ensure timely service delivery.

Failing to implement suitable case management systems will affect workflow. It may also exhaust your team, causing burnout and frustration. These issues will lower the quality of services and cause you to lose patients to other practices.

Are you wondering how case management systems will benefit your practice? Continue reading to discover four ways that these solutions can make work easier.

1. Case Management Systems Simplify Appliance Tracking

Tracking appliances will allow your practice to plan work. This measure also helps you meet the growing demand for your services. Ultimately, you can maintain more patients and get more referrals.

While tracking appliances is vital, contacting your labs frequently can affect workflow. Case management systems are the ultimate solution for appliance tracking. With these tools, you can keep all lab cases in a central location. This measure makes it easy to identify an appliance’s stage in lab production.

Following up on appliance production has many benefits to your practice. First, it allows you to determine if a patient received their appliance. Second, you can identify any cases that had to be returned due to various issues and fix them quickly to retain patient satisfaction.

A third benefit of appliance tracking is that it helps you plan your appointments. If you can assess when a case will be ready, you can quickly identify when the patient may collect it. This way, you can ensure that the appliance is available by their next appointment. You will avoid rescheduling and keep your patients happy.

2. They Improve Communication with Labs

Communicating with dental and orthodontic labs boosts efficiency. However, you might need to email or call your lab teams constantly. You may also forget to send messages at the right time and interfere with workflow.

Getting a case management system will help your practice communicate better with labs. Such a solution enables you to attach scans to patient cases, and labs can find all the details needed to print appliances in one location. It also prevents back-and-forth communication about one patient case.

Providing feedback to your labs can improve work, and it allows them to rectify minor errors before they damage your reputation.

Implementing a case management system can help you give this feedback to your labs. With such a solution, you can attach comments to cases. You can also secure all communication and ensure that the provided information is clear.

Streamlining communication with a case management solution will save time. It also prevents employees’ frustration resulting from unclear information. In the long run, you can easily coordinate work with your labs and avoid costly mistakes. Other ways that improving communication with labs can simplify work are:

  • Improving employee productivity
  • Helping you build solid work relationships
  • Enhancing trust between practices and labs
  • Facilitating collaboration and teamwork

3. The Solutions Avoid Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks can make work boring and lower productivity. They can also cause high employee turnover, affecting patient experiences.

A case management system can help you solve such problems and simplify work. With a tool like EasyRx, your workers can avoid tedious case entry and won’t have to submit STL files to labs separately.

This software also provides prescription forms. It comes with a universal lab prescription document that you can use for various purposes. These include:

  • Clear aligner prescriptions
  • Lab prescriptions
  • Digital prescriptions

With this feature, you won’t have to create several documents for the same patient case. It also prevents mistakes that may occur when transferring data to each form.

Avoiding repetitive tasks with a case management tool can make work more interesting for your employees. This aspect will reduce job-related stress and protect their mental health. It also improves their work morale, so they can better satisfy patients.

4. Case Management Systems Improve Compliance

Ensuring compliance in your practice can be complex. If you don’t meet health standards and secure data from breaches, you may disrupt business operations and incur losses. Severe cases can also lead to license revocation and legal issues.

Case management solutions can help you improve compliance and protect your reputation. These tools come with comprehensive data security measures. For example, they can encrypt your files using complex passwords and two-factor authentication. You can also protect sensitive documents using access codes.

Practice communication may include critical information about patients and sensitive financial information related to your practice or labs.

Case management systems enable you to secure such data from breaches. You can also quickly identify compliance concerns and address them before they lead to serious problems.

Enjoy the Benefits of Case Management Systems with EasyRx

Case management systems can simplify work and keep your teams happy. But finding the right solution to streamline several processes is challenging.

EasyRx offers an efficient and reliable case management tool. The software will help you track appliances and manage prescriptions. You can also communicate better with labs while ensuring compliance.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!