Why Doctors Need an Orthodontic or Dental Case Management System


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

About 65.5% of US adults visited a dentist in 2019. As awareness of the benefits of good oral health and corrective procedures increases, more people are consulting specialists.

Unfortunately, managing a heavy workload is challenging for many orthodontic and dental labs. Specialists may find it tough to meet tight deadlines without the proper measures. Patient and client satisfaction may also lower, leading to losses.

Implementing a lab management system enables labs to coordinate work and streamlines processes for facilities that partner with dental or orthodontic practices.

Here, we help you understand the benefits of a case management system.

It Simplifies Handling Digital Cases

A case management system can improve how you handle digital cases in many ways. For example, you can boost prescription workflow by managing models. You can also digitally accept and receive models from various practices.

A case management system enables you to avoid confusion by using unique prescription numbers and barcodes on prescriptions. These help you match printed appliances to specific cases. It also avoids mix-ups, especially if your lab serves several practices.

Coordinating your lab via a management system will ensure that you always deliver quality products. It also prevents client frustrations related to receiving incorrect prescriptions.

You Can Streamline Communications

Labs need to stay in touch with orthodontic and dental practices. Without the right tools, it can be hard for each party to follow up on the case process. Furthermore, patients may not get their appliances within the agreed time, causing the practice to be unhappy with your lab.

A case management system can streamline the communications between the lab and practice. Instead of your practices calling or emailing to check case progress, they can easily view where the case is in production online. Practices can also attach comments and inquiries to specific patient cases.

Implementing a case management system enables you to receive constructive feedback from practices on cases. Practice feedback is vital because you can gauge the quality of your services. You can also identify ways to improve relations with other dental or orthodontic practices.

Facilitating communications with various practices enables you to build long-lasting relationships. It’s also easier to handle complaints that may damage your company’s reputation. Streamlining communication with a case management solution can even prevent conflicts and mistakes.

Case Management Systems Simplify Billing

Billing is a time-consuming process for labs. Handling this work manually can waste time and exhaust or frustrate your teams. Moreover, you may incur losses if there are mistakes like:

  • Failing to record certain orders
  • Billing the wrong practice
  • Underquoting orders
  • Miscalculating

Implementing a case management solution is the best way to avoid most billing mistakes. Such a tool will automate the bill creation and editing process.

For example, you can use it to generate an invoice based on prescriptions handled in a day. You may also integrate accounting solutions to manage clients’ accounts. You can communicate your prescription’s standard price to your practices, giving them full transparency on pricing.

Using a case management solution for billing can streamline financial operations and simplify work for your accounting team.

You Can Have Secure File Storage

Labs must protect patient data and abide by various compliance laws. They should ensure that clients trust them to safeguard their vital patient information. Case management systems have all the tools necessary to protect medical data.

Getting a case management tool can help you boost your data security and improve HIPAA compliance. A cloud-based solution like EasyRx can automatically back up your files, so you don’t need in-house servers to store documents in case your systems crash.

Other ways that a case management system can secure case information include:

  • Encrypting sensitive files
  • Providing updated security features
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Services

Enjoy the Benefits of an Orthodontic or Dental Case Management System

Orthodontic and dental case management systems can transform how you work and simplify various tasks, enabling your teams to be more efficient.

EasyRx provides cloud-based software to help you manage your lab. With this solution, you can manage patient cases and collaborate with your clients at a lower cost.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!