Making the Most of 3D Orthodontic Software


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Did you know that the market for orthodontic services was worth over $5.38 billion in 2021? The demand may rise with a CAGR of 17.2% and reach $16.36 billion in 2028. While a higher demand means more revenue, it may be tough to ensure customer satisfaction. If you don’t manage files correctly, you may misplace patients’ cases or scans. Ensuring that you deliver appliances at the agreed time may also be tricky. Embracing an in-house lab and utilizing 3D orthodontic software is the best way to deal with the growing demand. Are you wondering how a 3D solution can benefit your practice? Read on to discover how you can use it to improve your in-house lab workflow.

Use Cloud-Based 3D Orthodontic Software

Cloud-based systems not only save time but also money at your practice. A cloud-based 3D orthodontic software gives employees access to models and editing tools from any device or location. It also allows for files to be shared between the practice and in-house lab easily.

Cloud-based 3D orthodontic software allows for updates to be made to the software with no wait time or bother to your workflow. This reduces the cost of needing an IT department or trained staff member to update software.

With EasyRx 3D editing tools, there is no need to download software to view and base your 3D models.

Streamline Editing 3D Models

You may need to edit digital orthodontic models at your in-house lab. This step allows your lab techs to have clean, easy-to-use models to ensure precision for the appliance.

Simplify editing models and save time for your team with 3D orthodontic software. With automatic STL file optimization, files are optimized for 3D printing. You can also trim, base, and label models, prepping them for printing.

3D orthodontic software for model editing saves time needed for remakes. All files are securely stored and available to return to if needed.

Avoid Employee Burnout with Automation

Handling orthodontic cases can be exhausting for your team. They also need a certain amount of time to track appliances until patients receive them. 3D orthodontic software is the best way to avoid employee burnout. The solution can automate work and speed up repetitive tasks, such as basing models or removing brackets.

One process that can be streamlined with 3D orthodontic software is customization. A solution like EasyRx enables you to automatically trim, base, and label STL files, as well as create a PTS trim line for aligner trimming machines. You can also automatically remove brackets from models with no user interaction required, saving staff time on manual processes.

Implementing 3D orthodontic software will ensure you can deliver print-ready files at your in-house. It also gives your team more time for other tasks, like attending to patients.

Avoiding staff burnout by using orthodontic 3D software has many benefits to your practice. First, you can protect your employee’s mental health and boost their productivity. Second, you can increase staff retention and build an efficient orthodontic team.

In the long run, a happy team leads to higher patient satisfaction. It also lowers the number of complaints that may affect brand reputation and service delivery.

Reduce Wastage with 3D Orthodontic Software

3D orthodontic software enables labs and practices to reduce waste. If you ensure that the appliances made for patients are accurate, you will avoid appliances that don’t work for the patient and reduce the amount of cost being absorbed by your practice.

Another way that 3D orthodontic software lowers waste is by reducing the amount of resin used during printing. Printing with hollow models saves 25% of resin used compared to models with regular bases.

Reducing waste with 3D orthodontic software contributes to environmental preservation and reduces material costs, so you can redirect funds into other operations.

Use Orthodontic Software to Improve Communication

Practices and in-house labs must maintain efficient communication to ensure proper service delivery. This measure streamlines work, especially when the facilities are in different locations. Enhancing communication also maintains the quality of services, improving patient loyalty.

Orthodontic software enables users to communicate efficiently. With this solution, you can provide prescription feedback to your in-house lab. This may pertain to:

  • The quality of designed appliances
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Using a 3D orthodontic solution can ensure communication compliance. Since the software is secure, you can protect patients’ details when sharing their information between the practice and the in-house lab.

Leverage 3D Orthodontic Software with EasyRx

3D orthodontic software will help you deliver quality models leading to quality appliances. It simplifies work for the practice and in-house lab, enabling them to maintain more employees.

EasyRx offers the ultimate solution to orthodontic practice problems. The software will help you automate work and boost staff morale. The cloud-based system allows for easy file sharing between different devices and even different locations.

Here at EasyRx, we help orthodontic practices by giving them the tools that they need for comprehensive case management to streamline their workflows and achieve maximum clinical efficiency.

To see how we can help your practice get away from paper documentation, confusing spreadsheets, and costly workflow errors, contact our specialists today!